TPA20 Aquafloor Pre Grooved 22mm Chipboard

At the heart of the system is the chipboard with pre-routed channelling to accept the Thermotec 12mm PEX under floor heating pipe with integral oxygen barrier. This unique pipe is extremely flexible and yet can withstand the rigour of construction environment. The Aquafloor pipe has excellent thermal transfer characteristics providing a superior floor heating solution. Renewable energy such as heat pump and solar sources integrate very effectively with the Aquafloor low floor temperature underfloor heating system, providing optimum energy efficiency.

TPA20 Aquafloor Pre Grooved 22mm Chipboard Underfloor Heating System

Heat output of up to 75 watts/m² 

Suitable for laying on solid and timber sub-floors

Ultra low construction height

Choice of installation thicknesses

Individual temperature control in every room