TPA16 Aquafloor Acoustic Cradle & Batten

Fundamental to the system is the Aquafloor PE-MDXC underfloor heating pipe which is a multi-layer pipe with integral oxygen barrier layer. This unique pipe is extremely flexible and yet can withstand the rigour of construction environment. The Aquafloor pipe has excellent thermal transfer characteristics providing a superior floor heating solution. Renewable energy such as heat pump and solar sources integrate very effectively with the Aquafloor low floor temperature underfloor heating system, providing optimum energy efficiency.

TPA16 Aquafloor Acoustic Cradle & Batten Underfloor Heating System

An economical easy to install method to level stepped & uneven sub-floors
Adjustable to suit various finished floor levels and a variety of services
Ideal for refurbishment and upgrades, reducing time and cost by eliminating the need for screeded floors
Reduces impact and airborne noise by creating an acoustic timber floating floor system
Approved Part E of the building regulations
The adjustable cradles and risers, reduces the high number of shims required for leveling
Manufactured from recycled material, reducing your carbon footprint