Did you know that overheating is now a major concern?

Did you know that overheating within dwellings significantly affects the well-being of the occupants; with the current trend in increasing temperatures, overheating is now a major concern.

Overheating can have some negative health effects including adverse effects on sleep quality and a negative impact on professionals who work from home, affecting both their productivity and concentration.


How underfloor Heating works

UFH warms the entire room, leaving no cold spots and therefore less overheating in a particular area.

Separate control

Homeowners are then able to create efficient heating patterns for each room in the house, for example only heating up the rooms that need it rather than the whole house.

Thermal mass

What is it? – the ability to absorb + store heat

Concrete Sub floor– Has a high thermal mass – dense material so takes a lot of heat to raise the temperature.

Screed Sub floor – Excellent thermal mass – which will reduce energy usage as it doesn’t need as much heat to raise the temperature. Leading to lower running costs.

Using different floor coverings with UFH shouldn't have much of an impact on thermal mass and overheating.


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